Winter Jam 2016 is coming!

I’m so excited to get to Winter Jam this year!!! My boys and I couldn’t go last year and it’s been a blessing to know we can attend this year. I’m not crazy about waiting outside as it’s first-come, first-serve, and the weather has been so delightful but not much else we can do. It’s about week away and I CAN’T WAIT! Yeah, I don’t get out much. 🙂

SO! I’ve gone ahead and created a wishlist for my fave songs of the artists that are performing that night with the high hopes that they get sung at Winter Jam. I don’t have all the artists so feel free to add ones I missed. (I think I allowed that option, but we’ll find out.)

This is my first share of a YouTube playlist, or video, for that matter so please be patient if it doesn’t load correctly.

Blast the volume and enjoy! You’re welcome! <3

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