The day I got up early


Hello 2016! We are halfway through the month of January and I honestly hope you are making progress on your resolutions!

For the longest time I’ve tried to convince myself that I was not a night-owl and that I can be a morning person. ‘Why not just go with my body’s biological clock’, you might be thinking?

Well, for starters, I’ve got young children and the youngest (a chipper 2.5 year old) gets up between 4:30 – 6:00 am every day. If I let him roam around the house, I may as well pack up and move because he’ll tear it apart with his curiosity. I would love to get to work early and, yes, leave early too! Then, there’s this workout thing I fantasize about and the only time I can possibly do it without interruption is early in the morning. I also like to drink a QUIET cup of coffee and read my devotional while everyone is still sleeping; my coffee just tastes better that way. I hear you coffee drinkers nodding your head.

For those and other great reasons, I’ve tried to create the habit of waking up early. 5:00 AM early. It’s not so early that I’ll fall asleep driving, but it’s early enough that it lets me achieve the things I want and own the day.

But I fell in a rut. After the Christmas break (two heavenly weeks off work) my body went back to it’s night-owl, sleep until 10, ‘wait, I have a toddler?’ schedule. I could not hear my alarm clock to save my life. No devotional, no getting to work early, no leaving early for sure and definitely no QUIET coffee! grrrrrrr!

I tried moving my phone away from the bed so I could get up and turn it off. Yeah, right! I’d get it and jump right back in the bed. “Honey, how’d the baby get in here!?” I tried raising the volume which only made me angry, and those of you who’ve had the VIP Backstage Pass of seeing me in the morning know that I’m no cupcake.

Finally, I change the sound of my alarm and voila! I heard it when it first went off. Then I actually stayed awake. Although I hit the snooze button once, the second time it went off, I got right out of bed.  I felt energized and ready to start to my day. My goals are getting met and I feel like a rock star. My hubby may not like the new sound, but it definitely works for me so I’m keeping it. If you’re in rut with your schedule, try changing the sound of your alarm to see if it helps.

What sound did I change mine to, you ask?……….a crowing rooster. <3


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