The Beginning {Kentucky Day:3}

Has this ever happened to you? You stay at a hotel that offers breakfast but breakfast closes at 9:30AM, so at 9:00AM you’re jumping out of bed to get everyone downstairs before breakfast closes? Well, it’s happened to us that last 2 days and in afterthought, I think it’s the funniest thing to see unfold.

Today was off to a much better start. Still did the scramble to breakfast, but shortly after that we were on our way to the Creation Museum in Petersburg, KY. Yesterday, I thought we should make this the first visit instead of the Ark Encounter. After today, I can say with certainty that if you plan on visiting, you should visit the Creation Museum first, then go to the Ark. The Creation Museum sets up the base for, obviously, creation, but also the events that lead up to the flood. It answers questions about evolution and the surrounding theories and it also breaks down the differences between man’s theory on the Earth’s age and the Bible’s perspective. It’s a fascinating display of information and is too much to capture in this post but I highly recommend taking a trip down to see for yourself.

Did this guy live with Adam & Eve? Find out for yourself!

While things back home were a little chaotic, I really enjoyed this time away with my family to learn more about my faith through art. I think my family walked away with a different perspective and definitely renewed wonder in the magnificence of our God.

Tomorrow (as I write this, it’s already Thursday) we WILL sleep in, have a late breakfast then head back home. Doesn’t mean there won’t be chaos, but you know what I mean! These moments away are a reminder that we all need to take some time to reflect and cherish those we have around us in a setting where our day-to-day activities aren’t competing for our attention. While I did disconnect from work, I didn’t totally disconnect from everything that could potentially cause me to worry. That is my goal for our next family trip.

The Santiago Boys

Be well and be blessed.

Until my next post,
Myrna <3

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