Stick with it!

I literally just spent 20 minutes changing 37 burnt light bulbs on my Christmas garland only to find out that the one which would light everything back up, was way at the end!


Burnt-out  bulbs look so sad 🙁

Many of you just said “girl, you did one too many. I would’ve stopped after the first one.”

True. In past years I would’ve thought the exact same thing. Most people don’t have the patience, or the desire for that matter, to sit through and change out Christmas lights year after year, my dear husband included. If there are more than two areas that are out, he’ll just toss the whole thing. This year I decided we’d keep a half-lit string of lights as a backup for other strings that had bulbs burnt out.

About 3 years ago, I had purchased a pre-lit garland when we bought our house. I thought it would look great on the stair rail and it would match the one I already had up on the curtain rod. Those who like to decorate know that decorated, pre-lit garland is not inexpensive. So when it decided to burn out a section of lights, I thought long and hard about tossing it out. I took the back-up string of lights and one by one I changed out all the lights that were burnt. About three quarters of the way, the section of lights turned on. I was thrilled!

Many times we give up on successes because we don’t realize how close we are to achieving them. If we don’t see success coming up soon after setting goals, we simply (or frustratedly) toss out the idea for a new one. We hate the waiting period of finding out if something is going to work out for us.

One thing I’ve learned is that the things we’re passionate about, don’t have an expiration date. Only YOU can decide how much time you’re going to wait for something to turn out for you.

Stick with it! Let the things you’re fired up about drive your motivation to see a goal or task to completion!

Once you’re ready to move on, do so with peace in your heart, knowing that you’ve given everything you have. Otherwise, you may be just 3 lightbulbs away from success!

Best wishes this Christmas season! <3

The lights on the post were all burnt out. 🙂





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