Renewed Perspective {Kentucky Day:2}

After some much needed REM sleep, we (and by we I mean my dear husband, HA!) got up to take the tire to be replaced. The repair shop here contacted the shop back home and they honored the warranty (the tires were barely 1 week old!), and changed out the tire. It was so simple I almost felt ridiculous for being so stressed out about it. When you prepare yourself for the worst, rest assured the test will come. Usually, you just need to take the next step until the situation is resolved. I’m thankful for things made simple.

Today was our visit to the Ark Encounter in Williamstown, KY. Let me just say that you don’t expect it to be so REAL. You try to spot it from a distance and you do, but it’s a short shuttle ride up a mountain that increases the anticipation and once you arrive, you’re dying to get off the bus. If the view can stop my chatty boys mid-conversation, it’s the real deal.

So much detail has gone into this project that it’s hard to take it in at first glance. It has 3 decks with a ton of different things to look at and learn from. Right now, it’s just the ark, with a restaurant outside and a small zoo. You can also go zip-lining. But don’t fret, they have lots of land and there are plans to expand to  a larger zoo, an upscale dining restaurant, access to an observation deck on the top floor and some other things that I can’t recall.


I took lots of pictures but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that wants to go and see it. 🙂

What I will say is that my perspective is renewed and my faith strengthened to see something written in the bible depicted with such reality. You think about how things truly were in the beginning of time and how the decline of humanity just at that point brought about what we know as The Flood and humanity today.

Up close

The closer you get, the more breathtaking it is.

I’d recommend that if you’re on a road trip from another place and you’re trying to have a relaxing vacation, that you take a day for this visit, and then head back to your hotel. There lots of walking and you’re pretty much done by the end of it.

On Day 3 we’re going to see the Creation Museum in Bullitsburg, KY which is created by the same company that did the Ark Encounter.  What awaits us is yet to be seen…..

Until then, keep your faith my friend. A faith like Noah!

Myrna <3

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