Holiday Decor, No More

Photo credit: Vida Perez – my sis!  🙂


Are your Christmas decorations begging you to take them down? In the past week I’ve seen lots of posts by people, mainly women, talking about how it’s time to take down their Christmas decorations and reset for 2016. They’re posting pictures of their newly decorated living rooms without the holiday decor.  Yes, I know Christmas is over and I too am feeling the anxiety to start taking it all down myself. But I must admit, while I’m on vacation and the kids are out of school, I feel like the minute I put it all away, I’ll have to start doing the next thing, which is obviously getting ready for the whirlwind. What’s the whirlwind? It is the routine of our everyday lives.

I’m the first one to tell you that I love the rush of getting into the new year with a new perspective, goals and the accompanying successes. I’ll be looking forward to traveling and meeting new people; all the great things that come with the unknown. But I’ll also tell you that it’s very hard for me to put all the sparkle and dazzle away to accomplish just that. What is it about the Christmas season that makes us want to stay in it forever?

You may say it’s the PTO. That’s makes total sense. And also the fact that the kids are out of school. I’d say it’s a mix of that and so much more. I believe it’s uninterrupted, unrushed time spent with our loved ones.

I’ve gotten to know a better part of my extended family this year more than any other time. I think it’s because I wasn’t worried about making big plans and lavish preparations. Someone is stopping by for coffee? Great, let’s make it a get-together, bring your cousins and their momma too! Or an impromptu Domino night; the more the merrier! I’ve come to realize that this is the best part about Christmas and what makes it so hard to step out of it. It really does bring us together. The decorations, yeah they help, but what I don’t want to do is attribute this warm, fuzzy feeling to the holiday decor. Intentional presence is the key.

Now if your decorations are screaming for you to take them down, so be it. I think I’ll take another week before I reset it all.  In 2016, don’t forget about the people who felt loved by your welcoming spirit, not necessarily by your holiday decor.

Plan on being intentional, unrushed and totally present whenever you’re in the company of someone who feels loved by you. <3







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