Do I Really Do That?

The other day my very good friend and I were heading to Chinatown for dinner. It had been awhile since we’d hung out, so we were catching up on all the things going on with each other.

As we neared the restaurant, parking was a little difficult to find, but I managed to get into the parking area and waited for someone to vacate a spot. As I passed up a parked car, it looked like someone was sitting in the driver’s seat checking their phone. Noticing this, I mentioned to my girlfriend, “I can’t stand it when people sit in their cars and check their phones while there are people waiting to park. It’s so inconsiderate!” And she giggled and said “I’m one of those people that checks their phone when I get into the car.”

At that moment, I smirked and started cracking up, and I said, “Me too!” We both found this hilarious as we went on and on about all the things we do while sitting in a parked car, check Facebook, Twitter, the to-do list, email, texts….all while people patiently (or impatiently) wait for us to vacate our spot.

Is this you?

Many times we’re impatient and intolerant to the faults of others but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to cut ourselves a lot of slack. We’re short with our husbands if they don’t speak to us in a loving way. We snap back at our kids when they give us an attitude. Or we roll our eyes through the window when someone doesn’t hurry up and move out of that parking spot. We’re so quick to point out, in detail, how the actions and behaviors of others disrespect us, but we barely bat an eyelash when we find ourselves mirroring that behavior. Ouch!

I’m not saying, by any means, that it’s wrong to sit in your car and check your text messages or missed phone calls. By no means at all! (wink wink) What I am saying is that we should probably take a minute before we think angry thoughts or mumble not-so-nice expressions under our breath the next time we feel someone needs a behavior check. Chances are, in the moment of truth, we may need to check ourselves. I’m guilty as charged. As a Christian, I know that I’m not perfect; and that’s why I need Jesus!

P.S. I hope someone’s not waiting for your parking spot as you read this! <3

Here are a couple of verses to keep in mind:

Matthew 7:3 44ea4d5fd2d221c48425914fbf3b85ae

Ephesians 4:29eph-4-29-web-watermarked

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