In the ridiculously wee hours of the morning , my son has the habit of coming over to my bedroom to slide into bed with us. He'll usually fall back to sleep. Occasionally he'll have a staring contest which ends up in me either jumping out of my skin or getting an eye poked out.… Continue reading Happy


Hello February! – January recap

Yes, its true! Just like that, January is done, folks! I must say we've had a fun-filled first month, stomach bug included, yey us! If you have a few minutes, scroll down to find out what kind of madness we got into the first month of the year. Did we connect this month? If not, don't be… Continue reading Hello February! – January recap


Holiday Decor, No More

  Are your Christmas decorations begging you to take them down? In the past week I've seen lots of posts by people, mainly women, talking about how it's time to take down their Christmas decorations and reset for 2016. They're posting pictures of their newly decorated living rooms without the holiday decor.  Yes, I know Christmas is over and I too am feeling the anxiety… Continue reading Holiday Decor, No More