About Me

I come from a small Christian family who’s lived in Chicago for like ever. My parents are from the two best islands in the world, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. They transferred from the t2249_128697165253_4216_nheir respective islands, my Dad as a teen and my mom as a toddler. Although they met in Puerto Rico while my mom’s choir was visiting a church out there, the relationship blossomed when my father moved to
Chicago in his late 20s.

From those crazy lovebirds came me, my brother and my sister.

I’m a full-time: wife, mom to 3 boys (ack!), church musician, former Womens’ Ministry leader at my church, Office Ninja at work and most recently, blogger. I smile on the inside every time I say that.

And that, in a nutshell, is what the madness is all about.

10 Things About Me…

  • I’m an absolute coffee fanatic. It’s part of my DNA, if you separate us, I will die.
  • I am a musician and I come from a family of musicians. I play the piano. You should hear me sometime.
  • I love anything rustic or vintage: home decor, clothes and the 1950s era.
  • I love my family & friends, but I’m not afraid to be alone; I crave alone time.
  • I love cracking up with my boys. They’re so smart.
  • I love roadtrips and out of the way restaurants and dives. That’s the best food!
  • I’m a neat-freak but my home office is super messy = I’ve got issues
  • I start books and leave them for awhile, then when they become popular I pick them up again
  • hmmmmm
  • I’m a follower of Jesus and his Word. That is all. <3


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